My Snoring Solution Review

view-of-snoringIn this MY SNORING SOLUTION REVIEW I’ll be talking about my experience in using this chinstrap. When snoring came to my household I decided to treat it right away. I heard that sleeping disorders can lead to worse health disorders and had no intention to experience it myself. To tell the truth, I was quite lost at first since I don’t have any friends who ever faced this problem (or maybe they did and just didn’t want to share with others). Besides, I didn’t have any doctor friends to ask for advice. So I had to rely on what I found through Google search. The first result I found was My Snoring Solution chin strap. It seemed to be very simple in usage, cleaning and carrying it around. Besides, there were many good comments from people who were in the same position as I am now. The price was biting, but I was ready to pay what it needs to have back my calm night’s sleep.

So I ordered this strip for holding a lower jaw. The producer promised to retrieve proper air circulation and I make me breathe normally again without producing and unwanted sounds. A package came in about 10 days. I expected it to be earlier since these 10 days seemed a nightmare for me. Well, it’s better late than never… So it came with a bunch of instructions which I didn’t really read. I found the My Snoring Solution quite simple and figured out myself how to use it. So I put it on from the first time, but it looked and felt quite weird. My lower jaw was a bit up and forward. This is the way it is supposed to be, but still felt strange. So I went to bed, but could not fall asleep for a long time because it is bothered me by simple being there. When I was finally tired of tossing and turning I started falling asleep, but still could not! I just could not breathe normally. Apparently, I breathed through my mouth and this chin strap makes it totally impossible. To be sure I decided to ask Google again and was right! My Snoring Solution doesn’t fit people who breathe through the mouth. I was so frustrated! Obviously, I didn’t take it into account and was so impatient to get a remedy that didn’t make a thorough research. Well, it was my fault and good that they have a refund for such silly people as I am.